Working Parent Resources

Below are resources I’ve come across throughout the course of my professional life, which I’ve found helpful in guiding and educating working parents. With the exception of one, which I’ve noted below, I have no connection or affiliation with any of the organizations, and I appreciate/share them solely for their unique missions and advocacy.

The Center for Work Life Law, UC Hastings – A research and advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of gender and racial equality in the workplace.

Read my interview with Liz Morris, deputy director of The Center for WorkLife Law here.

Pregnant at Work – An initiative of The Center for Work Life Law, which provides practical guidance, tools, and educational material for accommodating pregnant women at work. The guidance provided is targeted toward pregnant women, their health care professionals, attorneys, human resources professionals, and companies.

Mindful Return – Provides guidance for an empowered return to work from maternity leave. In addition to the Mindful Return program, the site includes a blog that is regularly updated with helpful tips and advice for working mothers. There is also a book authored by Lori Mihalich-Levin, the creator of Mindful Return, which you can find on the site: Back to Work After Baby.

Read my interview with Lori Mihalich-Levin, founder of Mindful Return here.

It’s Working Project by Forty Weeks –  A benefit corporation committed to “helping the private sector successfully bring new parents back to work with ease.” The group regularly shares stories of real people who have successfully returned to work from leave and stayed in the workforce.

Center for Parental Leave Leadership – Provides companies and parents with Parental Leave Consulting, Coaching, and Manager training, and assists with development and retention of employees before and after parental leave.

Fairygodboss* – Dedicated to improving the workplace and lives of women, Fairygodboss crowdsources salaries, bonuses, benefits, and more, giving a snapshot of how different employers treat their female workers. Fairygodboss also regularly publishes articles on a variety of topics, including professionalism, workplace harassment and discrimination, motherhood, and work/life inspiration.

*I am a Fairygodboss Contributing Writer, though my appreciation for its mission predates my relationship with it.

A Better Balance – A legal team that strives to give American workers the time and flexibility they need to care for their families. Based out of New York City, their attorneys lead the charge with policies that help families, including “sick leave, paid family leave, flex time, pay equity, antidiscrimination, and other issues that value family care.” Their website includes a “Know Your Rights” section searchable by state, and “Resources” on laws applicable to working families.

List Your Leave – Known as the “Yelp for parental leave policies,” List Your Leave provides the family and medical leave policies of employers across the country. Visitors to the site can search the employer database and also submit their company’s benefits. In other words, List Your Leave offers a “free platform for transparent information sharing, policy reviews, and company culture ratings to serve as a resource for American workers.”

Lisa Durante – A boutique consultancy that specializes in providing consulting, training, and resources to working women directly or through their employers with the goal of empowering working mothers and creating more supportive workplaces. The site provides guidance and templates for working mothers for every stage from pregnancy through new motherhood and beyond. There is also a YouTube Channel: The Crazy Good Life, which provides guidance for issues that may arise during pregnancy, maternity leave, or in the workplace.

Additional Resources To Be Added on a Continuing Basis