Dear Husband: Thank You For Your Support

March 9, 2018
Dear Husband

Last fall, I started blogging. This came nearly two years after I first started freelance writing.

When I first started writing, I wrote only under a pen name because although I love to write, I wasn’t ready to have my name attached to my words. I wasn’t ready to have a professional identity outside of being a lawyer.

Also, I’m pragmatic. I’m private. I think forty steps ahead and worry about every single one of them.

But, when I finally decided to start my blog, I knew I was ready.

I believed in myself enough to do it, but I also had someone else who believed in me as well—someone who believes in my writing and my dreams as much as I do, quite possibly even more.

Someone who patiently listens to my worries and fears and offers a voice of reason amid the noise.

I am talking, of course, about my husband. My patient, kind, sweet husband, who may be even more private and pragmatic than I am.

You would think that someone who loves privacy and is super rational about everything would discourage me from devoting time and money to a fairly public endeavor that could easily be perceived as a silly hobby, but instead, he has been my biggest supporter.

When I’ve had moments of doubt or uncertainty, he’s been there to lift me up and urge me forward.

We are both professionals who spent years training for our specialties, yet, he treats my writing as though it were just as important as my legal career. 

And for that I am thankful. Because for me, it would be too easy to feel guilty about devoting time to what might otherwise be seen as a self-indulgent endeavor.

Because, although he’s never afraid to call me out when I actually am being selfish or unreasonable, he’s also the one who quells my doubts and encourages me to do things for me.

He supports my choices and my goals even when they might not make sense to others.

Somehow, he possesses a sixth sense about what I want and what I need, and he can see promise that even I may struggle to conceptualize at times.

He is the perfect partner in every sense of the word, supporting me, helping me grow, and giving me space to create something that is my own.

I don’t know what will become of the goals and dreams I have, but because of him, I will always be able to say I tried and I will never wonder “what if.”  

I will have left all my roads well-traveled, and for that I am thankful.

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