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Here is where you can find articles I’ve written as well as pieces that have been written about me.

I also include listicles that have featured my parenting memes, tweets, and statuses.

This page is updated regularly.

On Motherhood

Why Moms Should Get Sick Days for Reality Moms.

Ask Yourself These Four Questions When You Feel Like a Bad Mom (republished) for Perfection Pending.

20 Parenting Quotes You’ll Relate To A Little TOO Well for Fairygodboss.

Two is Not Terrible (republished) for Her View From Home.

The Evolution of Motherhood (republished) for Reality Moms.

This Is The Best Advice I Ever Received From Another Mom (republished) for Scary Mommy.

I’m A Self-Professed ‘Neat Freak,’ But This Is Why I Learned To Change My Habits for Scary Mommy.

Watching My Toddler Grow Is Joyful and Painful (republished) for the Parent Co. December 2017 Writing Contest.

Chasing My Autumns for Literary Mama.

Motherhood is my Game Now for Scary Mommy.

A Letter To My Firstborn: These Firsts Are Not Easy For Me for Scary Mommy.

Why I’m Not Yet Ready For Another Baby for Scary Mommy.

To My Husband On His First Year As a Father for Scary Mommy.

3 PostPartum ‘Rules’ I’m Glad I Broke for Scary Mommy.

On Current Events

Lady Doritos: Because of Course for Reality Moms.

On Self-Care/Wellness

The Best Way To Make Sure You’re Following An Exercise Routine Every Day for Fairygodboss.

8 Satisfying Winter Self-Care Ideas for Reality Moms.

On Success

How To Be A Success In The Eyes Of Your Two-Year-Old for Fairygodboss.

On Professionalism 

The 5 Types Of People Who Hold Their Teams Back At Work for Fairygodboss.

6 Qualities Of People Who Are Confident — But Not Cocky for Fairygodboss.

On Workplace Matters 

Discrimination In The Workplace Happens — Here’s How To Spot It for Fairygodboss.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: What You Need To Know for Fairygodboss.

Hostile Work Environments: How To Deal, How To Cope, And How To Get Outta There for Fairygodboss.

On Working Parents Advocacy 

Law Firm Ahead of Curve on Paid Family Leave by Michael Petro for Buffalo Business First.

Attorney Candace Alnaji is an Advocate for Working Parents by Jane Schmitt for Buffalo Business First.

Featured Humor 

20 Funny Memes By Parents Who Are Literally Sick Of Cold and Flu Season by Yvette Manes for Sammiches & Psych Meds.

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (2.09.18) by Babble.

Facebook’s Most Hilarious Parents of the Week (1.19.18) by Lauri Walker for Perfection Pending.

22 Hilarious Cold Weather Memes By Parents Ready To Bust Out The Flip Flops by Yvette Manes for Sammiches & Psych Meds.

21 Relatable Winter Break Memes By Parents Just As Overwhelmed As You Are by Yvette Manes for Sammiches & Psych Meds.

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