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Weekly Roundup: Watching Our Children Grow

December 17, 2017
children grow

Each week I share my favorite pieces from around the web along with noteworthy news items relevant to readers.

This week’s Roundup is all about the little ones–our kids–from preemies to the all grown-up kind. Scroll down for the full Roundup!

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The Roundup

children grow


What They Don’t Tell You About Enjoying Every Moment With Your Kids by Kathy Radigan for HuffPost Parents.

Why You Should Read: This piece beautifully captures the passage of time with young children. The days can be so exhausting that you may at times wish the time away. But, at the same time, the moments with our young children are sacred and beautiful and of course pass much too quickly.

My favorite line: “What people didn’t tell me was that as the years go by, the harder, scarier days get fuzzier, and the sweeter days grow dearer. I cherish my memories of the amazing, crazy, messy and even awful days of raising my kids when they were younger. And I look forward to making more as they continue to grow.”

Are you Returning to Work with a Baby in the NICU? by Amialya (Mia) Durairaj for Mindful Return.

Why You Should Read: This guest post for Mindful Return gives great advice to preemie parents who are struggling to balance career and the NICU.

A snippet from the piece: “Set Boundaries at Work . . . On my first day back, I wrote an email to my coworkers requesting that they kindly refrain from asking about my twins’ status so that I could focus on my job. And guess what? Everyone took the hint. It helped me retain some semblance of professionalism during a rough time.” Read and share with a NICU parent you know!

Watching My Toddler Grow Is Joyful and Painful written by me for Parent Co.

Why You Should Read: This piece is a finalist in Parent Co.’s December Writing Contest. The contest theme is “growth” and my article details the bittersweetness of watching our babies grow and become more independent seemingly overnight. It’s joyful. It’s painful. And it all happens so fast. I hope you’ll give it a read!

How To Be A Success In The Eyes Of Your Two-Year-Old written by me for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: Yes, I have included myself twice in this Roundup! Both articles went live this week, and I am proud of them because in each, I drew inspiration from my favorite little muse–my two-and-a-half year old son! As every mom knows, parenting a 2-year-old can be a challenge. But, for all the challenges, there is so much good, and there’s actually a lot our little people can teach us about life. 

Tip #8 from the article – Treat Yourself: “Two-year-olds don’t think twice about partaking in the foods and activities they enjoy. They haven’t been conditioned to feel guilty about occasional indulgences.

Toddlers treat themselves like it’s their job. A two-year-old doesn’t apologize for having a milkshake at lunch. He doesn’t question the fact that you take him to spend two hours playing inside a bouncy castle.

Live like a two-year-old and relish your occasional indulgences. Enjoy the facial. Don’t worry about how the fort is holding up while you’re away. Have the birthday cake without complaining about how you ‘shouldn’t.’ Just own it.” I hope you’ll give it a read!

Last call for one more child by Daisy Alpert Florin for Motherwell.

Why You Should Read: Like Kathy Radigan’s piece, this article also discusses how quickly our children grow and what happens when they are older, but it does so from a different angle, asking: what do you do when your kids are grown, but you want more? How do you know when you’re done having children for good?

From the post: “What surprises me is that the very thing I craved for so long when the children were small and seemingly always underfoot—space and time away from them—is exactly what frightens me now. In the mornings, when my kids are at school, I vacillate between being thrilled at having the whole house to myself and terrified of being alone.” Give it a read!


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