Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Career Inspo and Empowering Mothers

December 3, 2017
Weekly Roundup

Each week I share my favorite pieces from around the web along with noteworthy news items relevant to readers.

This week’s Weekly Roundup features some great career tips, advice for working mamas, and some pieces on motherhood that will tug at your heartstrings.

I also share a piece I wrote for Literary Mama that was published this week: Chasing My Autumns.

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The Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Working Moms

Why You Need More Career Support During Your Pregnancy Than You Think by Georgene Huang for Forbes.

Why You Should Read: The article offers helpful, supportive tips for navigating pregnancy and maternity leave. It also offers reassurance regarding the emotional aspects of becoming a new parent and navigating the return to the workplace.

My favorite piece of advice: “Don’t get your heart set on achieving too many goals while you’re on maternity leave. Despite your best intentions, you don’t know if you can be available, especially if you’ve never had a child before.”

7 Salary Negotiation Tips for Working Mamas by Lori Mihalich-Levin for Mindful Return.

Why You Should Read: As always, Lori provides practical tips to help working moms live their best life. In this post, she addresses the inadequacies frequently felt by working mothers when they return to work after having a baby, and offers insight into how to get past those feelings. She then lists seven tips for approaching salary negotiations within this context. Very helpful if you’ll soon find yourself returning to work or entering negotiations. 


Chasing My Autumns – written by me for Literary Mama’s After Page One.

Why You Should Read: In this piece, I share my reasons for choosing to write again after becoming a lawyer and a mother. If you’re looking for some writing inspiration or are curious to know why I take to the keyboard each day, check out Chasing My Autumns!

New Parents – You Can’t Possibly Know by Amy Betters-Midtvidt for Her View From Home.

Why You Should Read: This piece tugs at the heartstrings. As a mom to a toddler, there’s so much I’ve learned and experienced, but there’s also so much I’ve yet to learn, and reading this piece reminded me that there is still so much to look forward to and to learn down the road. It truly captures the bittersweetness of parenting and watching a child grow.


5 Kid Behaviors Adults Could Learn to Do Better by Cheryl Maguire for Parent Co.

Why You Should Read: I recently wrote an upcoming piece for Fairygodboss regarding the lessons we could learn from our 2-year-olds, and this article strikes a similar chord. For as much as we try to teach our children about life, there is so much they can teach us–and this article does a nice job showing that. 

Why I want to make their childhood magical by Colleen Temple for Motherly.

Why You Should Read: This is another feel-good piece that makes you appreciate the beauty of childhood. It describes the value in participating in the activities that may seem too messy or complicated to undertake, but are so valuable in creating cherished memories and happiness for our children.

One super-relatable example from the article: “It’s so worth watching my children’s face light up every time they see the dinosaurs at the museum. Even if a complete meltdown just happened over getting into the stroller to go into the museum twenty minutes prior.”


My Mentor Helped Me Get Promoted — And Yours Can, Too! by The Feminist Financier for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: I’ve written before about the importance of finding a great mentor early in your career, so I enjoyed reading The Feminist Financier’s take on how her mentor helped advance her career. Not only does the piece discuss the success she found with her mentor’s help, but it also gives the reader practical takeaways to achieve their own goals. Definitely worth the read!

10 Ways To Promote Yourself — Without Bragging by Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: As this piece states, “research shows that women are more inhibited when it comes to self-promotion compared to men” and at the same time “unfair promotion practices are one of the top gender equality issues women face at work.” As such, this article sets forth several ways women can speak positively about themselves without coming across as cocky or tactless. Some great advice to follow if you are looking for ways to set yourself apart at work.


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Growing into Motherhood

The 5 Things You’ll Forget as a New Mom


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