Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Giving Thanks

November 26, 2017
Weekly Roundup

Each week I share my favorite pieces from around the web along with noteworthy news items relevant to readers.

In keeping with the spirit of giving thanks, this week’s Weekly Roundup includes some great pieces on gratitude. There is also an insightful post on self-care that made its rounds around the web this week (for good reason!).

As always, there are also some great pieces for working parents, including a post from Baby Caravan, LLC explaining what to expect when New York’s Paid Family Leave takes effect on January 1st.

I also share my latest for Fairygodboss: 6 Qualities Of People Who Are Confident — But Not Cocky.

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The Roundup

Weekly Roundup


6 simple ways to be a thankful mom by Amy Alpert for Motherly.

Why You Should Read: This piece lists some great, practical ways to practice gratitude even when you may not be feeling particularly grateful. It suggests tips such as playing the “aren’t we lucky” game, which is great advice for days that feel like years. My favorite line: “Gratitude is a pathway to mindfulness because it puts you squarely in the present.”

11 simple ways to teach children gratitude by Christina Clemer for Motherly.

Why You Should Read: This is another great article that discusses ways to instill gratitude with the focus being on raising thankful kids. My son is still young, but I think often about how I’d like to raise him with a sense of gratitude and an appreciation for the life he has. The piece gives great tips such as “set expectations” when you’re shopping (not every trip will yield a new toy) and “give experiences” to reduce reliance on material possessions. Great advice for this month and the whole year!


This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake by Brianna West for Thought Catalog.

Why You Should Read: Chances are, you’ve seen this article circulating in your newsfeed this week, and it’s for good reason. In a culture that is obsessed with the presentation, maintenance, and care of self, there’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means to engage in self-care. As Ms. West writes, “it’s not all salt baths and chocolate cake.” It’s not pretty Instagram filters, candles, and treating yourself. True self-care is self-preservation in its rawest sense: it’s learning to say no–to others, to yourself, to your indulgences. It’s living responsibly and creating a life you don’t need to “escape from.” A great read!

Working Parents


Why You Should Read: If you live in New York and aren’t clear on what to expect under the paid family leave laws taking effect January 1st, Baby Caravan’s piece lays it all out in plain English. In the upcoming month, I will be sharing additional resources to help you navigate the paid family leave landscape, and Baby Caravan’s post is a great place to start!

4 Ways Working Mothers Balance Career and Family by Alexis Lupo for Career Contessa.

Why You Should Read: This article tackles the reality of what it takes to successfully balance career and motherhood. As the article mentions, juggling a career and motherhood often requires a reassessment of priorities and redefining what success means to you. The piece gives great tips like “do what feels right” and “stop trying to find work-life balance.”

The lessons here are similar to the ones in the self-care piece cited above. Succeeding as a working mother and caring for yourself both involve a degree of shaking off societal expectations and making choices that are truly right for your well-being–even if those choices don’t fit the script you think you’re supposed to follow.


6 Qualities Of People Who Are Confident — But Not Cocky – my latest for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: In this piece, I share my thoughts on the six qualities that set confident people apart from their cocky counterparts. Confidence is key to getting ahead and reaching your goals, but many people (especially women) are afraid of appearing too confident for fear of seeming brash or arrogant. However, there are simple ways to distinguish the two. Read on to see if you agree with my take on things!


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