Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Inspiring Women Leaders and More

November 19, 2017
Weekly Roundup

Each week I’ll share my favorite pieces from around the web along with noteworthy news items relevant to readers.

This week’s Weekly Roundup includes some great motivational pieces including a rundown of the 16 most inspiring books for women leaders and a great piece on how to effectively mentor working parents.

I also share my latest for Fairygodboss: Hostile Work Environments: How To Deal, How To Cope, And How To Get Outta There.

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This Week’s Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Working Parents

13 Things Working Moms Should Never Need To Apologize For by Georgene Huang for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: It clears up the misconception that moms should feel guilty about everyday, normal occurrences like leaving at the end of the workday, taking maternity leave, or having to work some nights and weekends. It hits on all the topics about which moms typically beat themselves up: career, family, ambition. Check it out!

How to Be Yoda at Work: Becoming an Effective Working Parent Mentor by Lori Mehilich-Levin for Mindful Return.

Why You Should Read: This piece gives sound advice on how to effectively mentor working parents, but it also tackles issues of bias and stereotypes. It provides an excellent model for helping shape a healthier workplace culture for working parents–something that benefits all of us!

3 Ways To Support The Working Moms On Your Team by Lisa Durante for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: This is another great piece that gives tips on how to support working mothers and addresses the issue of stereotypes and assumptions. My favorite tip from the piece: “Ask her.” The piece goes on to touch on why you shouldn’t make assumptions about what a working mama needs–we’re all different. 


These Are the Things Every Exhausted Mom Is Really Thankful for This Year by Layla Laurence for Mom.me.

Why You Should Read: It’s seasonal. It’s funny. It’s honest. It also includes the thing I’m most thankful for: drive-thru anything. Drive-thru Starbucks, pharmacies, and restaurants? Yes, please. 


The 16 Most Inspiring Books for Women Leaders by Kit Warchol for Career Contessa.

Why You Should Read: If you’re on the hunt for inspiration or a good book to read (and who isn’t?), this list is a must-read. It details books you should read to fit your leadership needs/situation. Whether you have to lead a meeting, or are having difficulty ceding control, this piece has a book recommendation for you.

5 steps to bounce back from a bad day by Melody Wilding for Unstuck.

Why You Should Read: The piece gives great tips for how to get past a bad day. Instead of cringing and wallowing in guilt, embrace it (tip #1). Bad days are a part of life. We’re all going to have them, so you might as well have an effective way of managing them! My favorite line: “Ironically, a bad day can be a hidden gift — it’s an opportunity to show to yourself exactly how resilient you are. You have the capacity to do hard things, so go show today who’s boss.”

Workplace Issues

 Hostile Work Environments: How To Deal, How To Cope, And How To Get Outta There – my latest for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: In this piece, I share my take on the number one sign of a hostile work environment, plus other key signs to look out for. It is a great piece to learn the basics of what constitutes a hostile work environment under the law.


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