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10 Ways to Start a Monday Gratitude Tradition

November 13, 2017
Monday Gratitude Tradition

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s the time of year people start talking and writing a lot about gratitude. While we should always strive to be thankful and show gratitude, it can be difficult when life gets stressful.

Last week, I posted the 5 Tips for a Better Monday. Number 3 on the list was to create a Monday tradition–something you enjoy and that you’ll look forward to to make your Monday a little sweeter.

Today, I thought it would be fun to combine the topics of gratitude and Monday traditions and share some ideas for how you can start a Monday gratitude tradition.

What’s a Monday gratitude tradition?

A Monday gratitude tradition is not just forcing yourself to be glad it’s Monday. You can still hate Mondays. But if you’re trying to make the day more pleasant, finding other things for which to be thankful can make your day better. In other words, a Monday gratitude tradition is your way of sending positive energy out into the world and, hopefully, making yourself a little happier in return.

10 Ways to Start a Monday Gratitude Tradition

If you’re interested in starting a Monday gratitude tradition, here are ten ways you can get started. This is by no means an exhaustive list. The great thing about showing gratitude is that it’s personal, so you’ll be able to tailor and build on this list to suit your own preferences.

1. Write a thank you note.

Buy your favorite stationary and write a thank you note to someone every Monday. You don’t only have to write thank yous. You can send a note of congratulations, or just write someone to say hello.

2. Text someone you care about. 

Text your spouse. Text a friend. Text a family member. But when you do, ask how their day is going and listen. Keep the focus on them. You can complain about your workload and ask your husband to pick up that gallon of milk later.

3. Tip the barista. 

If one of your Monday traditions is to pick up your favorite latte, consider tipping the barista if you don’t already. It doesn’t just have to be the barista though. For any service you receive, be a little more generous than you otherwise would. Try to make someone else’s day better. It is their Monday too after all.

4. Make a donation.

Whatever cause is important to you, donate every Monday. Donate online. Donate at the cash register. Donate in person. Buy a few extra canned goods on your weekend shopping trip and drop them off on your way to work. You can do the same with clothes, school supplies, anything.

5. Compliment someone.

Easy enough. It’s not hard to find something nice to say about someone when you’re paying attention.

Monday Gratitude Tradition

6. Start a gratitude journal.

Journaling can be a difficult tradition to keep when life gets hectic, so make it one you stick to on Mondays. Jot a few lines down about what makes you thankful that day or week. If things get too crazy, just write down one word.

7. Start a gratitude collage.

Keep a bulletin board somewhere in your house or at work and pin things that make you happy. This is something you can involve your kids with too if you do it at home.

8. Shop local.

Visit a local shop on your lunch break, or during the day if you stay at home/work from home. Get to know the proprietors. If it’s your first visit, let them know and tell them how you heard about them. Supporting someone’s local business is a great way to give back to them and to your community.

9. Start a dinnertime conversation.

Ask your family what made them happy that day and share the things that made you smile. Even if you had a rough day, this will force you think of something to feel good about if even momentarily.

10. Read something that inspires you.

Finally, read something that makes you happy, preferably something that will take you beyond your own life. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there’s a bigger world out there and that we’re just a small part of it. Reading for even a few moments can inspire and distract you from whatever obligations may be pressing in your life.

What are some of your favorite ways to show gratitude? 

Do you have any special Monday traditions with your family?

Leave a comment here or on social media!


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