Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Beating Working Mom Guilt and More

November 12, 2017
Weekly Roundup

Each week I’ll share my favorite pieces from around the web, along with noteworthy news items relevant to readers.

This week’s Weekly Roundup includes several pieces geared towards working moms, including a great piece on combatting the culture of working mom guilt. There’s also a post with helpful networking tips for new moms, and a list of the 17 inspiring mom blogs you should be following plus other motivating and informative articles!

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This Week’s Roundup

Weekly Roundup


On being a part-time working mom by Laura Apfel for Motherwell Magazine.

Why You Should Read: Laura Apfel is co-founder and executive editor of Motherwell. In this piece, published this past summer, she does a great job describing what it’s like to work and parent when you work part-time from home. As someone who recently the made shift away from full-time work and who exclusively works from home, I could definitely relate. Maybe some of you will too!

Moms at Work

New Moms Have Plenty to Deal With at Work. Don’t Add More Guilt. by Lauren Smith Brody.

Why You Should Read: Lauren Smith Brody, author of The Fifth Trimester and hero for working moms, attacks a recent Wall Street Journal article, which extolled the virtues of mom guilt. My Favorite line: “Rather than shaming working mothers for not ‘being there’ at home, we need to fortify them so they can revolutionize our economy and raise a future generation of innovative, satisfied workers who’ll keep the progress going.”

In Working Parenthood, Comparison Is the Thief of Joy by Lori-Mihalich Levin for Mindful Return.

Why You Should Read: This post was originally published last year, but the content is still so relevant. This is a great piece that discusses why you shouldn’t engage in unhealthy comparisons among those in your life. My favorite line: “Comparison IS the thief of joy, mama. Life is too short to let yourself steal your own joy.”

The Company Perks That Working Moms Actually Need by Werk for Career Contessa.

Why You Should Read: It attacks the assumption that women aren’t as serious about their careers once they become pregnant or become mothers. Plus, it sets the standard for the type of benefits that should be afforded to all working parents. 

Effective networking tips for working moms by Lisa Durante.

Why You Should Read: This post provides practical networking tips for working moms, particularly new working moms. Navigating those early months of balancing motherhood and career are a challenge. It’s OK to acknowledge that the networking strategies that may have worked for you in your previous life may not work for you as a mom. My favorite tip from the list: Grab lunch with colleagues. 

Medical Leave — What Is It & How Do You Go About Asking For It? by Kristina Udice for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: The article does a great job outlining and describing the various types of leave and how to request it. You will likely walk away with a better understanding of your rights and how to exercise them.


Hey, It’s OK by Forward in Heels.

Why You Should Read: This is a great piece on how to handle anything you may be struggling with, no matter where you are in your life or career. My favorite line: “Defend your ideas, but be flexible. Success seldom comes in exactly the form you imagine it will.” (Martha Stewart).

17 Mom Blogs That Will Inspire The Heck Out Of You by Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis for Fairygodboss.

Why You Should Read: It’s a collection of some very well known and some lesser known mom blogs, so it is a great way to find a hidden gem or be reminded of why you love your favorite site. Plus, some of my tried and true favorites make the cut: Scary Mommy, Motherly, and Lucie’s List.

The Boss: Jill Smokler Turned Her Parenting Struggles Into a Successful Media Company by Jill Smokler for Motto.

Why You Should Read: Motto’s “The Boss” series shares the stories of successful women–how they reached the top and the lessons they learned along the way. Jill’s story of turning mega popular Scary Mommy from a personal blog into a social media juggernaut is definitely a compelling one. Worth the read!


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