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Welcome to The Mom at Law

October 21, 2017

Hello, and welcome to The Mom at Law! I’m Candace, a practicing attorney, working parents advocate, freelance writer, and proud mom. Here, I’ll share my musings about law, motherhood, and more. I’ll also discuss helpful advice for navigating the world as a working parent, surviving life with a toddler, and making the most out of it all. This space is young, and I expect that it will evolve over time. Thanks for starting this journey with me.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about my background, particuarly as an advocate for working parents, additional information can be found here and here.

I should note that while I am a licensed attorney, none of what I share should be construed as legal advice. Always consult with an attorney in your state regarding any legal questions you may have.

I will soon have social media pages for the blog up and running. Please follow! Links can be found at the top of the site.

Thanks for visiting–I’m glad you’re here!

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