Guest Post: 5 Surprising Parenting Myths

February 19, 2018
parenting myths

Today on the blog we have a guest post from Erica Johnson of Inner Parents, a website and blog that provides helpful parenting guidance and strives to be a leader in the parenting market.

Many thanks to Erica Johnson for taking the time to share her thoughts on the blog today.

parenting myths

There is no tried and true manual for parenting. It is a process that most parents learn as they go.

Unfortunately, some parenting myths have become common beliefs among many parents seeking understanding. Here are 5 of these myths, why they are wrong, and what to believe instead.

1. Newborns Can Drink Water

parenting myths

Adults, teens, and children are urged to drink plenty of water. However, Inner Parents cautions parents not to introduce water before infants reach 6 months. Formula and breastmilk already contain the proper amount of water.

Over-hydration dilutes nutrients, so babies do not absorb as many as they should.

Too much water fills babies’ tummies so they will not want formula, and it overwhelms their underdeveloped kidneys.

When babies begin eating solid food is when they need water to help digest it and replace the water lost from not drinking formula or breastmilk.

2. Responding to Crying Spoils Children

parenting myths

Always attend to crying children too young to communicate their needs with words. This is their only means of expressing pain and discomfort.

As Dr. Maurice Elias explains in Parent magazine, ignoring them prevents them from learning to trust others.

When children are old enough to communicate through words, parents must learn to distinguish true crying from manipulation or regression.

Still do not ignore the crying, but rather use it as an opportunity to teach and reinforce advanced communication.

3. Bribery is Wrong

parenting myths

Do not use bribery alone as replacement for teaching children differences between desirable and undesirable behaviors.

However, positive reinforcement rewards help children try new skills, follow rules, and complete chores.

Withholding rewards is equally effective when the opposite occurs. This teaches children the ways of the world.

After all, would you go to work every day if you didn’t get paid? For more on proper bribing, Parenting magazine explains it in detail.

4. Breastmilk Cannot Sit Out

parenting myths

The last thing you want is to make your baby sick, but pumping took so much effort and energy, you really do not want to waste it when you accidentally leave it out!

Truthfully, it takes a long time for room temperature breastmilk to go bad. If it has been days, toss it, but a few hours out is safe.

Just do not make it a habit, as it loses taste and nutritional value over time. Inner Parents offers tips for keeping track of breastmilk.

5. You can parent by instinct alone

parenting myths

Do not fall victim to the myth that parenting always comes naturally! People often tell expectant parents this to ease their anxiety, but has the opposite effect when parents find themselves confused.

Seeking guidance simply means you care enough to do the best for your children! Focus on the Family provides additional motivation.

Whether expecting your first child or currently raising several, you will always encounter questions!

Now that you have busted 5 common parenting myths, you are more prepared for seeking valid guidance. Enjoy the rewards of parenting!

parenting myths

Erica Johnson is the Main Editor for Inner Parents and a very proud mother of two who’s passionate about the latest parenting tips & baby products. You can follow Inner Parents on Twitter and Pinterest.

Many thanks to Erica Johnson and Inner Parents for today’s post.